young man sleeping with a cpap

Stakeholder Alliance

The purpose of the Stakeholder Alliance is to provide valuable expertise regarding the 4 objectives of the CSCN:

The Stakeholder Alliance is composed of a single representative from a range of Canadian patient support groups, advocacy organizations, federal and provincial policy agencies, professional/scientific groups and private companies involved in the improvement of sleep disorders. The current members are (click on the names to go to their website):

Professional/Scientific groups

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health

Canadian Association of Dental Research

Canadian Lung Association

Canadian Sleep Society

Canadian Thoracic Society

Kids Brain Health Network 

Quebec Lung Association

Government agencies

CAMAQ (Quebec representatives of employers and workers in the aerospace sector)

Public Health Agency of Canada 

SAAQ (Quebec automobile insurance society)

Private companies

Merck Canada

Natus Canada

Philips Canada

RANA Respiratory Care Group

Nox Medical


Sleep Foundation

Wake Up Narcolepsy