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About CSCN

The Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN) is national in scope and is committed to scientific excellence in the generation of new knowledge and its translation. We look to better understand sleep disruption and its impact so we can foster healthier sleep and healthier Canadians.

Our Mission

We aim to generate knowledge on sleep disruption and translate that knowledge into an end result of healthier sleep. Sleep plays a critical role in our overall health. The better we can understand our sleep, the healthier we can be as Canadians.

News and Events

CSCN is committed to giving its students and researchers the opportunity to attend events and expand their knowledge. Keep up to date with our latest news & events. Find out what CSCN is planning, and sign up for our newsletters.

The pervasive effects of sleep disruption on human health and safety are a challenge to the medical and scientific community and to Canadian society. Sleep and circadian disorders as well as sleep loss have profound impact on health "from the heart to the brain".

«The brain gives the heart its sight. The heart gives the brain its vision» — Rob Kall

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Knowledge Mobilization

We don’t just obtain scientific data, we bridge the gap between knowledge and creating training, programs, and guidelines to better assist Canadians with sleep disorders.

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Our Training Committee provides Canadian trainees with unique access to different expertise and ensures that these trainees in Canada are exposed to essential knowledge and skills in the field of sleep and circadian rhythms research.

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Click here to have an overview of the various projects that CSCN is currently working on.